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Best Hair Transplant Surgeon India - Choose The Right Surgeon for Hair Transplant!

When it comes to hair transplant surgery, there are so many thoughts that flash across your mind.
  It is understandable too. Decision to undergo hair transplant surgery is not at all easy. There are many people who find it difficult to make the right decision when it comes to this cosmetic procedure. This is when consulting best hair transplant surgeon can help you. Choose the most experienced and skilled surgeon so that you can find the detailed information about the procedure. Hair transplant surgeon makes sure that patients get treatment.     

Why choose best hair transplant surgeon India? In the years spanning a last decade or so, India has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for hair transplant and other cosmetic procedures. Not only you can find hair transplant surgeon Delhi who is highly experienced and skilled, chances are that you can undergo the procedure without spending lots of money. Hair transplant surgery in India is being performed at relatively low costs. There are several reasons for it. However, finding the right hair transplant doctor is essential for all those who are serious about the procedure.

Although country is home to some of the most renowned hair transplant surgeon, the key is to choose the hair transplantation who best meets your needs. There are different techniques used for hair transplant. The purpose however, of these techniques is to take hair from donor site and harvest them to the balding area.  Some hair surgeon makes use of FUE technique while others use FUE.

Make sure that the clinic of hair transplant is well-equipped with modern and advanced equipment required for performing hair transplant surgery. Just put in efforts while choosing hair transplant surgeon Delhi so that you can get effective results. 

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Hair Transplant – It’s More than Just Looks

"It is just vanity. You should look like what God made you" they say. By with that logic, there would be no shaving of face, no cutting or styling of hair, no cosmetics and no fashionable clothing. Men and women want to look their best and it is often for their own self and not to please anyone else. Looking good can often make us feel good and more confident. So let your inner beauty show and get those nails done, fix those hair and do what will make you feel good. A word of caution though, do not get addicted to cosmetic procedures, though.

A full head of hair does add a lot to your looks. With age, hair start to grey and fall. However, you may suffer from excessive hair fall at a younger age and seek help for this. There can be many reasons for premature loss of hair. It can be genetic, environmental or related to stress.  There are medicines and procedures that can help. If medical treatment is not sufficient to adequately improve the thinning of your hair, you may benefit from a hair transplant procedure.

What is a hair transplant procedure?

Hair transplant is a type of cosmetic procedure in which your plastic surgeon or dermatologic surgeon takes hair from the back of your head or the sides which are the preferred donor areas although hair can be taken from other sites as well like the beard area or even body hair. The hair follicles are then put in those areas on your head where the hair are thin or absent as in the bald spots.

What causes hair to fall?

There may be different causes but the most common cause of hair fall is hereditary. The other causes of hair fall can be

1.Hormonal changes: pregnancy menopause, androgen supplements etc.

2. Medications including anticancer or cytotoxic drugs as well steroids including androgenic and anabolic steroids.

3. Medical conditions which cause hair fall:

            Infections of the scalp



            Blood pressure


            Heart diseases


            Other bone diseases

4. Stress and sometimes emotional trauma may lead to excessive hair fall.

How does a hair transplant work?

Before the surgeons begin with the surgery, they clean the head of the patient and inject a numbing solution. There are two basic procedures for hair transplant surgery namely follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS or FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE).

In follicular unit strip surgery, the surgeon removes several niches of the patient’s scalp and then stitches it back together. This is concealed with the hair above and below. The hair on the strip are   then divided into numerous grafts. These grafts are then planted on the scalp in the areas of hair loss to help achieve a natural look.

In the process of Follicular unit extraction (FUE), the team of surgeons works by shaving the back and sides of the patient’s head in order to extract the follicles from the scalp. The surgeon then makes tiny needle holes and inserts the grafts in the area where the hair are needed. After this, the scalp is covered with bandages. There are no visible scars with the FUE technique and this is by far the preferred technique for hair transplant today.

Post Operative course

After the surgery, the scalp is slightly tender and remains sore for a while. The patient is prescribed antibiotics pain killers and some anti-inflammatory medications.  Minoxidil application is encouraged after a couple of weeks. The top of the transplanted hair starts to fall out from three weeks to two months while the roots remain. This leads the way for new hair growth in six to nine months.

How to go about hair transplant treatment?

The first step is to know the reasons and cost of the whole treatment. Then you need to find an expert and have a detailed discussion with him. Further, you need to discuss possible side effects, risks and expected outcome as well as methods to further enhance the results. When done well for the right individual it is possible to get back natural hair in areas that need it and improve your aesthetics and confidence for years.

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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Get Effective Solutions If You are Suffering from Hair Loss

Are you worried about your hair loss problem? Do you know why you are getting this issue? Well, it is a common problem and can occur to anyone at any age. There can be many reasons for hair loss. It can get severe if you do not take care of it at the right time. Let us discuss some of the symptoms, causes, preventions and solutions to treat the problem.

Symptoms of Hair Loss

Before losing your hair entirely, it is necessary to detect the symptoms of losing some patches. If you control falling your hair, then you will not face issues like baldness, alopecia, etc. Check out some symptoms:

Hair Thinning: It is a common symptom that anyone can face at any age in your lifetime. The affecting area is your forehead. When you observe that it keeps broadening, then you must consider it is as a symptom of hair loss.

Bald Spots: If you have any circular bald patches or spots in any section of your head, then you should not ignore this symptom.

Hair Loosening: When your body is deficient of specific vitamins and minerals, or you are suffering from physical or emotional shock, you can lose more hair at once. It must be treated well on time; otherwise you can face severe hair thinning.

Causes of Hair Loss

There can be many reasons for hair loss, and you have to determine what is your reason for losing hair.

Heredity: Many people suffer from alopecia and baldness because they get these factors through their ancestors. The condition is also known as androgenic alopecia. You can observe the same patterns of losing hair that you get in your older people.

Hormonal Imbalance: Many health issues like thyroid, menopause, childbirth, etc., can be the main reason for the hormonal imbalance. It can affect your hair growth and make it lose quickly.

Imbalanced Diet: If you are taking an imbalanced diet like junk food, carbonated drinks, etc., for a long time, then you may suffer from hair loss.  

Stress: If you are involved in stress activities, then you can experience a gradual decrease in your hair volume.

Taking Supplements and Medications: There are side effects of some regular medications and supplements, which can lead to losing hair.

Regular Hair Treatments: If you work in the fashion industry, then you have to go through various harsh hairstyles and treatments. It can weaken the hair follicles and lead to hair loss.

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Changing your lifestyle and adding some healthy habits can help in preventing hair loss, like:

Avoid using harsh shampoo for washing your hair.

Take a balanced diet full of vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

Apply and massage essential oils on the scalp to improve the blood circulation.

Do not brush your wet hair.

Consume an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated.

Keep on check your lifestyle and make changes accordingly.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Do some exercises and try to decrease your stress.

Avoid using fewer chemicals on your hair.

Meet dermatologist in case of any emergency.

Medical Treatments

It is necessary to consider your doctor when you look for any symptoms, and it is getting severe day after another. The dermatologist can recommend certain medications and treatments to solve your problem. Hair transplant is the effective solution that you can prefer for growing the hair again on your scalp.

Many young people travel to India for taking transplant treatment to get their hair back again. You can meet Dr Kashyap in his clinic in Delhi for the procedure with high-class staff and great perfection.  

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Cost of Hair Transplant Treatment in Delhi India

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Hair Transplant Surgery, Hair Trasnplant Procedure Cost in India

Need hair transplant surgery in Delhi, India. Meet Triple American Board Certified surgeon Dr. Ajaya Kashyap.
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Best Hair Transplantation in South Delhi

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Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called the 'donor site', to a bald or balding part of the body known as the 'recipient site'. The technique is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness.

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Three Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

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Hair loss is a common problem affecting millions of people across the globe. There are different hair loss treatments of which the one which has gained immense popularity is Follicular Unit Extraction, which is a subcategory of the Follicular Unit Transplantation. The results of the FUE are great lasting for many years to come. An increasing number of people are choosing India as the destination for undergoing this procedure. The quality treatment, care and assistance provided by Indian doctors and their staff are second to none. Also, the cost of the plastic surgery procedures in India is comparatively low making it the most popular destination for medical tourism.

Even though FUE is relatively a new technique, it is the most preferred option among those suffering from hair loss. Most plastic surgeons specialising in hair transplant procedures recommend this method. The results are permanent and visually pleasing.

We bring you a few main benefits of FUE.

The Absence of a Linear Scar

This is one of the prime reasons why people opt for this treatment over other available methods. It is an ideal treatment choice for those who prefer to wear their hair short at the back because the donor site looks unaltered and unaffected.

Fast Healing

In comparison to other hair loss treatment methods, FUE needs a shorter healing span. Patients can recover in a few days since the technique does not involve the use of sutures or scalpel. Consequently, there are minimal limitations on strenuous physical activities in the initial few days after the procedure. Full recovery takes nearly seven to ten days.

Large Harvesting Area

FUE is one method that offers the potential of expansion of donor hair reserves. This especially stands true for patients who have high recipient demand and low donor hair supply. It is believed that additional grafts can be harvested on a patient who has depleted their donor using the FUT technique. In some situations, hair reserves of the donor can be expanded including the beard, abdomen and chest.

Minimal Post-Procedure Discomfort

The plastic surgeons take care of the comfort of the patient. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia just like the one used in dental procedures. You can drive home after the procedure. In case of discomfort, the doctor recommends mild analgesics. Moreover, because of the non-invasive nature of this treatment approach, the chances of developing infection afterwards are extremely low.

To know exactly what this method is all about and how it can help you get rid of the problem of hair loss, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with the plastic surgeon in India.
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Best Hair Transplant Surgeon India - Choose The Right Surgeon for Hair Transplant!

When it comes to hair transplant surgery, there are so many thoughts that flash across your mind.   It is understandable too. Decision to un...